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I won’t be continuing this blog now that my thirty posts for assessment are done, but you can check out my other blog at Advertisements

In my reading today and yesterday, I realised that this topic is more simply structured than I thought in my post ‘Which controversies?’. My thoughts on controversies within cosmology are primarily the arguments against the Big Bang theory; the alternative theories. These are actually broken up into easy categories: Theories starting from different physics to […]

… because I’m much better at thinking and organising than doing. This post is no different. Running on from my last post, I want to clarify two things. For one, I’m not here to defend the Big Bang theory by debunking alternative (non-standard) cosmological theories. I’ve got to keep that in mind myself! Instead, my […]

When I talk about ‘controversies within cosmology’, what do I mean? What does it take for something to be labelled a scientific controversy? In The Golem (2nd ed. 1998), Collins and Pinch conclude that the only science the public need know about is controversial science as controversy is “how science is done”. For me, the latter […]



  My usual definition of cosmology, the one I spew out much too frequently, is simply this: cosmology is the branch of astrophysics concerning the structure and history of the entire Universe (but not necessarily its origins).  Traditionally, it has been the realm of philosophy and religion.  Ancient Hindu cosmology describes the origin of the […]

  My name is Erin, and I have an irrational hate of the colour orange.  Has anyone else ever noticed the abundance of orange on the internet?   This is one of many excuses I’ve given in the past for not beginning a new blog, as any hint of orange or orange-related colour (e.g. red) on a website […]