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I find that I understand concepts much better when I use flow charts; I’ve had one for my controversy in the works for most of the semester, gradually evolving into this (hopefully) final flow chart: You can see, in blue, the three levels of controversy I noted in my previous post and, in white, the causes and […]

I was just about to open a book and continue my dark energy controversy research when I made a last, quick check of Twitter… and found these articles: Study predicts end of the universe from ABC and Countdown to oblivion from New Scientist. Both of these articles regard a study from ARXIV (have a look […]

Stephen Hawking has now decided that he doesn’t believe that God had anything to do with creating the Big Bang. Choose your poison: The Guardian, ABC News, Universe Today, New Scientist CultureLab blog. New Scientist has a more recent opinion article on how Stephen Hawking was never religious in the first place, and that his use […]

I love how, when I think or read about cosmology, I can clearly see Thomas Kuhn’s framework of science (presented in his book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, 3rd ed., 1996). The Big Bang theory is the cosmological paradigm; it has been since it ‘won’ the debate against Steady State theory back in the ‘70s. […]

In his preface to The Big Bang Never Happened (1st Vintage Books ed., 1992), Lerner ironically asserts that scientists and the media believed that the COBE results overshadowed “minor” discoveries such as DNA, antibiotics, relativity, and quantum physics. Among a wave of accusations against COBE, Learner writes that “the results didn’t even prove the cosmic background […]

I feel like I should have linked to this blog post already. Ethan Siegel from Starts with a Bang launched an incredibly passionate attack against the article, ‘Why the Big Bang Won’t Work‘. Siegel clearly explains what the Big Bang model of cosmology actually predicts as he debunks most of the claims in the aforementioned article. […]

With so much information here on the net and minimal time thus far to sift through it, I plan to research and write about a few particular areas of controversy within cosmology. I wish to write about the original debate in the 1950s and 60s between Big Bang scientists and those who favoured the Steady State model, […]