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The dark energy controversy is unresolved, and will likely continue to be unresolved for a long while yet. While cosmologists do use the ΛCDM model to fit WMAP (cosmic microwave background probe) and SDSS/2dFGRS (galaxy redshift surveys) data, sometimes they vary the ‘cosmological equation of state’ parameter (w), which should be set at -1 for a cosmological constant; w=-1 […]

Kuhn sure knew what he was talking about. The dark energy controversy, the major elements of it that I’ve discussed in the previous two posts, are perfectly Kuhnian. Recall that Kuhn says that controversies can arise when observations turn up anomalies in the theory; that is, when “nature has somehow violated the paradigm-induced expectations”. When […]

Over the past few days, I’ve been doing a lot of research into dark energy and how controversy has played into the dark energy story; from its initial, purely conceptual days as a possible ‘fix’ to make the universe ‘flat’, to the unexpected revelation of the universe’s expansion accelerating in 1998, to the different interpretations of dark […]

I love how, when I think or read about cosmology, I can clearly see Thomas Kuhn’s framework of science (presented in his book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, 3rd ed., 1996). The Big Bang theory is the cosmological paradigm; it has been since it ‘won’ the debate against Steady State theory back in the ‘70s. […]