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But it was not the end of the controversy. There are three major problems with the cosmological constant that have caused the dark energy controversy to continue. The cosmological constant is controversial because: It’s often been used in the past as a fudge factor, only to be gotten rid of after more information has been gathered […]

I find that I understand concepts much better when I use flow charts; I’ve had one for my controversy in the works for most of the semester, gradually evolving into this (hopefully) final flow chart: You can see, in blue, the three levels of controversy I noted in my previous post and, in white, the causes and […]

Twitter is a useful engine. Not only does it provide me with up-to-date election news, but it last week it also directed me to this article about a court case over CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Thanks FermilabToday! You know, I read this and didn’t really think about it in relation to my blog topic. When […]