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The experts


I’ve been putting off, all semester, writing about the experts…those warm, fuzzy cosmologists we don’t really know but perhaps still love because they’re adventurers exploring the big beyond and that’s pretty okay by us. I read in Lerner that experts’ pronouncements are accepted on faith; he was upset about this because he thought it added to […]

Twitter is a useful engine. Not only does it provide me with up-to-date election news, but it last week it also directed me to this article about a court case over CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Thanks FermilabToday! You know, I read this and didn’t really think about it in relation to my blog topic. When […]

Stephen Hawking has now decided that he doesn’t believe that God had anything to do with creating the Big Bang. Choose your poison: The Guardian, ABC News, Universe Today, New Scientist CultureLab blog. New Scientist has a more recent opinion article on how Stephen Hawking was never religious in the first place, and that his use […]