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A difficulty with presenting dark energy, and indeed cosmology in general, to the public is that it’s so complex and long winded. Does this add to the controversy? Reading reader comments on popular magazine articles, as I do, I sometimes find that there is a large amount of misunderstanding over dark energy, specifically which parts […]

The experts


I’ve been putting off, all semester, writing about the experts…those warm, fuzzy cosmologists we don’t really know but perhaps still love because they’re adventurers exploring the big beyond and that’s pretty okay by us. I read in Lerner that experts’ pronouncements are accepted on faith; he was upset about this because he thought it added to […]

An amusing extension to my point in this blog post: Thanks, xkcd!

The poll results below are from an article on about Stephen Hawking’s ‘declaration’ that a god isn’t required for the Big Bang to occur. My question to the people of Brisbane who voted in this poll: why is spontaneous creation a plausible theory? The article barely went into Stephen Hawking’s argument. How many of you […]