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The third aspect of what makes dark energy a controversy is sort of a cumulation of some of the issues I’ve raised in past posts. There is a clear aversion to a dark universe and to a cosmological constant; some scientists are so unhappy with the situation that they actually hope that they’ve got it […]

Kuhn sure knew what he was talking about. The dark energy controversy, the major elements of it that I’ve discussed in the previous two posts, are perfectly Kuhnian. Recall that Kuhn says that controversies can arise when observations turn up anomalies in the theory; that is, when “nature has somehow violated the paradigm-induced expectations”. When […]

But it was not the end of the controversy. There are three major problems with the cosmological constant that have caused the dark energy controversy to continue. The cosmological constant is controversial because: It’s often been used in the past as a fudge factor, only to be gotten rid of after more information has been gathered […]