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A difficulty with presenting dark energy, and indeed cosmology in general, to the public is that it’s so complex and long winded. Does this add to the controversy? Reading reader comments on popular magazine articles, as I do, I sometimes find that there is a large amount of misunderstanding over dark energy, specifically which parts […]

The experts


I’ve been putting off, all semester, writing about the experts…those warm, fuzzy cosmologists we don’t really know but perhaps still love because they’re adventurers exploring the big beyond and that’s pretty okay by us. I read in Lerner that experts’ pronouncements are accepted on faith; he was upset about this because he thought it added to […]

The third aspect of what makes dark energy a controversy is sort of a cumulation of some of the issues I’ve raised in past posts. There is a clear aversion to a dark universe and to a cosmological constant; some scientists are so unhappy with the situation that they actually hope that they’ve got it […]

But it was not the end of the controversy. There are three major problems with the cosmological constant that have caused the dark energy controversy to continue. The cosmological constant is controversial because: It’s often been used in the past as a fudge factor, only to be gotten rid of after more information has been gathered […]

In 1998, two separate teams, using different type Ia supernova data, went out to show that the universal expansion was slowing down due to gravity, but instead found just the opposite, that the universal expansion was accelerating. This was very controversial and very unexpected; in fact, it was so different to the accepted theory that […]

I find that I understand concepts much better when I use flow charts; I’ve had one for my controversy in the works for most of the semester, gradually evolving into this (hopefully) final flow chart: You can see, in blue, the three levels of controversy I noted in my previous post and, in white, the causes and […]

Between spraining my finger in a particularly aggressive game of netball, getting sick, getting back-to-back infections, having an exam, diving with sharks, attending Hen’s day/nights, and suddenly having a wave of scrapbooking inspiration (you just can’t ignore creativity when it strikes!), I haven’t had a lot of time to think about much, let alone cosmology controversies. […]