I’m Erin.  I live in Brisbane, Australia, and study at the University of Queensland.  I’m in my seventh year of higher education.  Having completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) (Mechanical and Space) and Bachelor of Science (Physics) mid-2009, I am now in my second semester of a Masters of Communication (Science Communication).

Besides studying and job-hunting, I eat.  I also think about eating.  I love food, way too much.  Especially Turkish and Thai… and cheese and green olives… and bread… and chocolate… oh god, food! 

… let’s begin that paragraph again.  My life usually isn’t all studying, job-hunting, eating, and thinking about food.  My hobbies include photography and scrapbooking, music (I was rather a good pianist in a past life, and I’m hoping to revive this soon), reading, and running around at the gym.  I also love hiking, but I don’t get to do it too often.  Oh yeah, and I like sharks.  And my partner, Jan.  He’s pretty rad.

You can find me on Twitter at SpacegirlErin.

A Buzzing Universe is my first attempt at a structured, focussed blog, exploring controversies within the field of cosmology.   At least initially, I am writing it for the subject WRIT7220 (Communicating Controversial Science).  I hope to learn much about the informal communication of science and about blogging in general during this semester.


One Response to “About”

  1. Hi Erin,
    Thank you for your blog on the “Kuhnian crisis.” I have been working on a paradigm
    shift to deal with the dark matter problem for 30 years. I was very secretive about my solution at first. I shouldn’t of been for now when I tell people about my big secret they tend to turn a deaf ear. But I will tell it to you in the hopes you might find my approach appealing or on the right path. I essentially think that this 300 year old belief that mass mediates the gravitational force has to be dropped and replaced with the idea that heat mediates the gravitational force (see my website). I believe that it is not the mass of the sun that attracts the planets but the sun’s luminosity that attracts them. I have experiments which show that a 1000 W of heat can change the weight of test masses by as much as 2-16 % . These experimental results seem to have no effect on the high-profile types who have opinions on the dark matter and dark energy problem.
    I have some references similar to Horvath’s, that I could share with you that I tend read and reread in the hopes that some day pay off all the work I have put into my heat-based gravity theory will pay off.

    I hope you have seen the BBC video on the dark matter problem with M Disney in it. There is also a new blog on “The dark matter crisis” which is promising (to me).


    Peter Fred

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