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An amusing extension to my point in this blog post: Thanks, xkcd! Advertisements

While my brain’s been buzzing over trying to choose a particular controversy in cosmology to concentrate on (e.g. dark matter debate, dark energy debate, dark flow debate, fine-tuning debate, debate over Lambda-CDM model fits…?), I thought it would be worth briefly mentioning something that appears to be fairly uniform among all of them, and indeed in […]

The poll results below are from an article on about Stephen Hawking’s ‘declaration’ that a god isn’t required for the Big Bang to occur. My question to the people of Brisbane who voted in this poll: why is spontaneous creation a plausible theory? The article barely went into Stephen Hawking’s argument. How many of you […]

Twitter is a useful engine. Not only does it provide me with up-to-date election news, but it last week it also directed me to this article about a court case over CERN’s Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Thanks FermilabToday! You know, I read this and didn’t really think about it in relation to my blog topic. When […]

Stephen Hawking has now decided that he doesn’t believe that God had anything to do with creating the Big Bang. Choose your poison: The Guardian, ABC News, Universe Today, New Scientist CultureLab blog. New Scientist has a more recent opinion article on how Stephen Hawking was never religious in the first place, and that his use […]

I love how, when I think or read about cosmology, I can clearly see Thomas Kuhn’s framework of science (presented in his book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, 3rd ed., 1996). The Big Bang theory is the cosmological paradigm; it has been since it ‘won’ the debate against Steady State theory back in the ‘70s. […]