I should be a project manager…


… because I’m much better at thinking and organising than doing. This post is no different. Running on from my last post, I want to clarify two things.

For one, I’m not here to defend the Big Bang theory by debunking alternative (non-standard) cosmological theories. I’ve got to keep that in mind myself! Instead, my focus is how the controversies—the alternative theories, the disputes, the debates—are played out (or are playing out) and communicated, particularly to the public.

Secondly, you may have noticed that I’m having some difficulty in getting my blog going. This hasn’t just been because I’ve been glued to the election channel! I had imagined having stories unfold sequentially and logically over time, but I’m not feeling it. Moreover, my research time isn’t feeling it. Hence, I’ll now be doing what I’m calling ‘snippeting’—a more global approach where each post won’t necessarily follow from the next, presenting a jagged all-round view of the various non-standard cosmology theories and debates; whichever I latch on to in my research at the time. I’ll try to categorise more specifically to help sequentialise posts about specific theories (and yes, I know I just used three possibly unnecessary nominalisations, woe is me)… given my brain’s long history of exploding every time something I’m reading or writing or organising muddles into incoherence, I’ll definitely need this, even if no one else does!


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